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Folkert Blok

CEO | Dermatologist | Chemist

Folkert Blok studied medicine and qualified as a Dermatologist at the Academic Medical Center (AMC). Folkert has worked as a medical researcher at the Dermatology Department of the AMC. Besides his medical studies, Folkert also completed his chemistry studies and he gained years of experience in the assessment of cosmetic products and their side effects. As dermatologist and chemist, Folkert has in-depth knowledge of cosmetic products and treatments. In 2012, he obtained the certificate for Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU at the Free University in Brussels. With this, Folkert is certified to assess the safety of cosmetics in accordance with European directives.

Alex van der Burgh

Safety Assessor | Biomedical Scientist

Alex studied biomedical sciences at Utrecht University, with the focus on infection and immunity. As a toxicological researcher he also gained years of experience as (senior) dataminer in the research team of SkinConsult. In this role Alex has gained a lot of experience in the area of cosmetic toxicology and its associated laws and regulations. Since September 2016 Alex is fulltime employed at SkinConsult as a cosmetics safety assessor. Additionally, he is also responsible for change management at SkinConsult. In this role, he explores new approaches for business conduct in terms of ICT.

Mandy Schram

Specialist | Consultant

Mandy Schram studied medicine and continued with doctoral research on atopical eczema and its treatment using oral medication. In 2011 she obtained her doctoral title on this research. Apart from this she also completed her medical specialism in the AMC, becoming a dermatologist. During her doctoral research Mandy became expert in conducting systemic reviews, which comprises the systematic research of academic literature, quality control, interpreting data and systematic summarizing these data. After her doctoral research Mandy continues conducting scientific research in the areas of eczema, basal-cell carcinoma and off-label therapies.

Michael Colijn

Sales | Marketing

Michael Colijn is responsible for customers and marketing of SkinConsult. Answering questions, processing requests, quotation administration and controlling the product process are his predominant tasks. Apart from these activities at SkinConsult, Michael also works for Dermatologisch Centrum Amstel & Vechtstreek and Huidtherapie Vechtstreek.

Toxicological researchers

SkinConsult - Team - Safety assessments - veiligheidsbeoordeling - cosmetica
Our research team comprises biomedical scientist, chemists and medical students and graduates. They find, filter and process academic literature for our databases. They are real die-hards; they will stop for nothing to find the most reliable toxicological data.




Jasper Brouwers

Apart from a bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, Jasper has a bachelor’s in Economy and a pre-master’s in  Innovation Management. Currently, he is doing a master’s in Strategic Entrepreneurship. At SkinConsult, Jasper is responsible for marketing research and acquiring feedback from customers.


Jan Smout

Jan has received his master’s degree in Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology. As a graduated medical biologist, Jan primarily works at SkinConsult as a Senior Dataminer. He also contributes to IT activities within the company.



Aurin Hogers

Aurin has finished her master’s in Biology of Disease. She augmented her master’s with a minor in Communication and Education. Aurin applies her biomedical knowledge at SkinConsult as a Junior Dataminer.



foto-riette-van-spanjeRiëtte van Spanje

Riëtte has done her bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, with a minor in Governance and Organisation. At SkinConsult, Riëtte works as a Junior Dataminer.



annick-verbakelAnnick Verbakel

Annick has finished the Biomedical Sciences bachelor and wants to further specialize herself in the workings of the immune system. She works as a Junior Dataminer at SkinConsult.



thomas-broekhoffThomas Broekhoff

Thomas is wrapping up his bachelor in Biomedical Sciences. In addition to his activities as Junior Dataminer, Thomas works in marketing, focusing on forming new business connections.



kitty-van-scharenburgKitty van Scharenburg

Kitty is a master student in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences. In parallel, she’s doint the extracurricular minor Fundamentals of Business Economics. At SkinConsult, she works as a Junior Dataminer.



kevin-van-den-bergKevin van den Berg 

Following his bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, Kevin decided become an MD through the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA). In addition, he is a board member of the Avicenna Excellence Program. Kevin is a Senior Dataminer at SkinConsult.

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