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SkinConsult supports you in complying with all laws and regulations concerning cosmetic products. Our expertise is at the cutting-edge of dermatology, chemistry and legislation. This enables us to conduct well-substantiated safety assessments, compile files, notify your product, perform skin tests and make recommendations.

Cosmetic Safety Assessments

A Cosmetic Safety Assessment (Safety Assessment) is required for each cosmetic product on the European market. SkinConsult has many years of experience in conducting Safety Assessments for cosmetic products. We work with all types of products.
SkinConsult Cosmetic Safety Assessments are:

  • Scientifically based
  • Delivered promptly
  • Conducted by a certified assessor
  • In accordance with European legislation
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Product Information File

A Product Information File is required for each cosmetic product on the European market. The file contains all information on the product, from manufacturing to labeling.

SkinConsult knows exactly how a Product Information File should be compiled. We will gladly do this for you! We can also augment, check or conform files.

SkinConsult Product Information Files:

  • Are guaranteed to comply with all legal requirements
  • Are compiled by a professional team
  • Contain a scientifically substantiated Safety Assessment
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Product Notifications

Every cosmetic product on the European market has to be registered at an online portal, the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). This registration is referred to as notification. SkinConsult can assist you with this notification.

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Medical Device Assessments

Medical devices to be used on the skin are chemically related to cosmetics. SkinConsult has know-how and experience regarding dermatology, chemistry, toxicology and cosmetics. This provides us with an excellent base from which to assess medical devices for the skin in terms of their safety. We conduct Medical Device Assessments for Class I and II medical devices. SkinConsult Medical Device Assessments:

  • Contain an extensive toxicological Safety Assessment
  • Take the specific target group of the product into account.
  • Evaluate beneficial effects with scientific substantiation.
  • Explore complications based on literature
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Skin Tests

Despite stringent safety assessments, cosmetics may cause adverse side effects. To estimate their severity, skin tests are performed on volunteers prior to marketing the product.

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SkinConsult will gladly provide you with customized advice on everything related to cosmetics, the skin and European legislation. The following are matters with which we can assist you :

  • dermatology
  • Allergology
  • Chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Biomedical sciences
  • European legislation
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