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Core values


Knowledge and experience are the driving forces behind proper safety assessments. SkinConsult has sound knowledge in the area of dermatology, allergology, chemistry, toxicology and biomedical sciences.


We provide quality in our operational processes, and with our employees and services. We have achieved the ISO-9001 certification by February 2015.


We provide reliable services. All our data originate from scientific literature, and a qualified assessor checks each safety assessment.


SkinConsult takes care when dealing with your company data. We work with a secure internal server so that your product data is therefore never up in the cloud.


Direct and open communication is paramount to us. We are transparent in our operating procedures, which means that there are no unpleasant last-minute surprises.

Customer satisfaction

We aspire to working together swiftly, efficiently and pleasantly. In addition, customer satisfaction is the most important gauge of our success.